Stratis Steele was born in 1988 in Athens. He started his musical career at a young age and begun taking singing courses at the age of 18 where he studied classical singing in the national conservatory of Greece. After a series of cover bands he joined Airged L’amh in 2010 who then formed Endomain a year later. He works professionaly in the musical theatre industry as a singer/actor and participates in choirs, ensebmles and acoustic bands.


John Luna Tsimas is half Greek and half Puerto Rican. He first came across the bass guitar back in ’91 with his school band, three guys without any tutoring on their instruments but full of love and passion for music.He had been a member of several rock-hard rock & metal bands . By the early 00’s he joined AIRGED L’AMH. A power folk metal band based on Celtic mythology. It was 2009 when he also joined DEXTER WARD, an oldschool US metal band. In 2010 he joined Rock’N’Roll Children(Dio Tribute Band) , one of the most well-known tribute bands in Greece. In 2011 AIRGED LAMH was disbanded and four of the band members, formed,a progressive power metal band called ENDOMAIN


George Sofikitis was born in 1976…His first bands were Landscape and Time Runner at the age of 15…They never made it to the studio so George decided to part and formed the prog/power metallers “Sharpness”..After 3 demos and several live appearances he joined folk metal stars “Airged L’amh” in 2001..Recorded 2 Full LPs played in numerous live shows in Greece and Europe and when the L’amhs disbanded he immedeatly joined Endomain along with the rest of brothers in arms…


Dimitris Kourmousis born in 1980. He started playing music from his early youth with friends without a permanent band until 2003 when he joined Illusory. After ten years full of gigs recordings an E.P. and a full length album he left Illusory to join Endomain.

George Thanasopoulos plays drums since the age of 15.He has been a member of ANOXIA, BLOOD COVERED, MARAUDER, NOCTA. In 1995 joined the newcomers at that time AIRGED L’AMH, a power/folk metal band based on Celtic mythology. With a lot of gigs in his bio, domestically and in Europe, when AIRGED L’AMH disbanded in 2011 he was one of the four members who founded and formed ENDOMAIN.